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We are a small Mechanical Consulting firm employing state of the are equipment and procedures. We offer direct personalized services with many years of experience. Formed in 1983 we have designed may different types and sizes of air conditioning and plumbing projects.

Clients include:

Owners and Architects:

General Contractors:

Mechanical and Plumbing Contractors:

Things we do

Design Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Systems.
This includes Title 24, Studies and reports. We do retrofit design as well as tenant improvement and new construction.
Design Plumbing systems including sanitary, domestic water, roof drains, medical gases, dental gasses, process gasses, steam, air, vacuum. We do retrofit as well as new construction and tenant improvement.


Our Projects range in size from single ton system to over 1,000 tons, chill water, split system, package units, built up systems, heat pumps, gas furnaces, boilers, chillers of all sizes, cooling towers, exhaust, ventilation, make up air, air compressors, pneumatic systems, sawdust exhaust, aluminum shaving exhaust, and even toilet exhaust.

Plumbing projects include restaurants, waste, grease waste, vents, cold and hot water, hot water heating, medical gases, OSHPOD, rain water collection, roof and storm drains.