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HVAC System Drawing

Air conditioning drawing for project. We show the information required for obtaining permits, contractor to bid the project and then to construct it.

Fan Coil Unit

Fan coil unit in ceiling space with new duct work. Load calculations are performed, minimum outdoor air ventilation requirements are calculated, duct work is sized, cooling and heating loads are considered and included in design.

Make Up Air Unit

Restaurant kitchens require hoods. Hoods come in Type I and Type 2. Hoods exhaust air and this air has to be made up or a negative pressure will result. Outside odors, dirt and debris will be pulled into the restaurant. Make up air units are used to offset the air exhausted by hood exhaust fans. These fans may require some form of filtration, heating of cold winter and in cooling in some way of hot summer air. Cooling is generally evaporative type using water. These items and many others need to be considered during design.